The Vibrant Teachers


If brilliant, shines the light of a creative and truly wise mind, Then vibrant, is the conduit of color, draped round, encompassing that brilliance, filtered through compassionate understanding.

Colors illuminated, revealing something uncommon to the conscious mind, yet well known to the dreamer within. Those souls who gravitate towards it, are the old souls who have grown closer to the dreamer. Souls whose pasts, have shaped their trappings of steel, stripped, bent, and broken by the hammers of time.

Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi, are only a few examples. Beacons vibrantly lit, resonating at a cosmic frequency, emitting a spectrum of vibrations, which cuts through the fog of our fettered, and disjointed, minds.

They gave their all, they spread their light for the benefit of man kind. Selfless in thought and action, they peered out from that spectrum, questioning their norms and asking why?  They cleared new ground: fertile, moist, emitting that vibrant light. It was there all along, waiting to be tapped. The universe like all living things, must have balance to flourish.


The realm of wisdom, befitting to the hearts and minds of those who, in that desert of suffering and inequality, dare to ask: why?  They bare the heat, dig in and by example, conveyed that vibrant brilliant light. They are natural dosing rods, sensing the wellspring and seeing it’s splendor. Beacons in the darkness, beckoning us home, setting minds on fire, and hammering back, bending, breaking trappings of steel.


© Danisms 2016