The Child Within



Dance with the storm,
whirl in its form.
Roll with its spin,
Looking, within.

The child awakes,
She stomps, and she quakes.
She screams, and she scolds,
For heaven sake no!

He wants to fight back,
you are under attack.
A memory within,
Rolls down the man’s chin.
No don’t go  away.
I want you to stay!

It’s rings, like a nerve!
It’s what, you Deserve!
It’s your fault, you: Say!
I just wanted, to play?

And when all calms down,
take both sides of that frown,
Wipe the tears, from her eyes,
smile and Sigh.

I’m never leaving your side.

It’s ok, it’s ok,
I won’t go away.
No never, not ever,
It’s ok to play.

Show a smile, give a hug,
A sqeeze consoling back rub.
This is our dance,
Much more then a glance.

Inside you will see,
It’s all, this is me.
It’s purist of form,
Accepting self love as a norm.


© Danisms 2016